Be Present, Become Aware


Winter. The cold is so great. When it's hot, there's only so many layers you can take off and possibly still feel uncomfortable. When it's cold though, you can pile on the blankets and it only gets cozier, grab a... Continue Reading →


Alone Time

It's decided, I'm having a beautiful, productive, alone day, so I will only write things that inspire positivity here. I want to talk about the benefits of alone time when you feel shitty. I'm sitting at home with my laptop... Continue Reading →

Staying Focused

Well here I am, once again, with a plan to get something done… I almost say that with a sigh as I’ve been in that mindset a million times. I am so used to never finishing what I set my... Continue Reading →

Anxious Thoughts

Monday at 3:24pm // I'm 22, I have a job, I pay the bills, but I still only rent a room. I probably should have a college degree by now, but I'm pushing it off. I can feed myself, I find... Continue Reading →

Small Town Feels

I'm sitting here at the kitchen table of my childhood home. My mom is napping and my dad is away. It's just me, myself, and our 15 year old cat. I love coming back to the small town where I... Continue Reading →

Intersection Madness | Short Story

I've recently come to enjoy writing short stories out of writing prompts found on the internet! Enjoy my very first, real shot at writing fiction! *** Coming home from work, I was stuck in my own head. It had a... Continue Reading →

Change Your Perception

Let's be overly enthusiastic for a change. LIFE IS SO GOOD! So much good is happening right now. Honestly. I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop and listening to a song I have not listened to in a long time.... Continue Reading →

Sensory Deprivation | DIY

Tonight I've discovered two things. First, it is surprisingly hard to type with pruney fingers straight from the bath. Secondly, it is ridiculously easy to create an environment which deprives your senses of any stimulation so you can concentrate on your... Continue Reading →

Too Many Options

How does one figure out what to do in life when there are so many options? Taking things day by day and going with the flow is great, but at some point you've got to get your shit together, amiright?!... Continue Reading →

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